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We help business leaders tell their stories.

About Carino Media - Carino Media offers boutique digital storytelling services to business & community leaders using social, video, print and Internet based technologies.  At Carino Media,  Web professionals, including designers, writers, coders, database developers, graphic and voiceover artists collaborate to provide a full spectrum of Internet marketing and digital storytelling services.  Carino Media is owned and operated by Christopher J. Carino.

About Christopher J. Carino - Christopher J. Carino has been involved in the software and networking businesses since the early days of the Internet, developing cutting-edge marketing, training and storytelling services.  He has developed systems and databases for national brands, including Citbank, Dell, AOL, Lucent, Cisco, Lotus, ERA and GTE and municipalities including Orange County FL Government, The Government of Argentina and the Town of Wakefield, Massachusetts.  Carino understands how to use advanced programming, coding and social applications to make business leaders more successful in reaching their target audiences.  Carino helps leaders tell the story of their brands.  He also serves as a vocational education mentor and instructor for Business, Marketing & Information Technology(IT) students.

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