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Frequently asked questions


What can Carino Media do for me?

We can: 

  • Build your company or organization's website 
  • Help you use Facebook to increase awareness about your services, products or events 
  • Design e-mail messages to help you connect with your customers, clients or members 
  • Produce television commercials or audio commercials for radio or the Internet
  • Create training videos
  • Provide editing or ghost writing services for your website or blog

How much does a website cost?

The cost will depend on the features and content you want your site to include. We can work within a wide range of budgets and offer discounts to nonprofit organizations and small businesses. 


What do Carino Media websites offer that other websites don't?

We offer cutting-edge design and professional audio introductions. We can also integrate video into your site. By combining these elements, we help you to reach your entire audience -- the customer who prefers to watch a video, the customer who likes to listen to an audio recording, and the customer who just wants to call or e-mail you.

And just ask your current web shop if they can offer you a professionally produced audio commercial at no extra cost. 

What is Facebook integration and why do I want it?

Facebook is currently the most popular social network and website in the world and being able to access it's users should be on the top of the list for most people with a website.

We can integrate your business with Facebook two ways:

We can offer a "Facebook Connect" button linking to your Facebook Fan page.

We also offer a "Facebook Share" feature which allows users to share a link to pages from your website in their "News Stream"


Why does my business need to use Facebook?

People use Facebook more than any other website to connect with each other, share news and information, and voice their opinions. Connecting your business to Facebook can introduce your business to new customers or bolster your brand or reputation.


How much website traffic do I need?

Keeping track of your website traffic is critical. It has been said that what is measured is then managed.
But, how much website traffic do I need?

The answer to this question is variable. While in general more is better, that is not the critical metric to use. The thing you want out of your website is what is known as a conversion. Conversions come in several forms. That is what you should be measuring. Now the question becomes, what is a conversion and how do I get more?


What is a "conversion" and why do I want more?

For most companies the hardest and most difficult "conversion" is to convince someone you do not already know to give you permission to talk to them over time. This is done by getting them to sign up for more information, "liking" you on Facebook, filling out a contact form or perhaps joining your e-mail list.

Once this is complete you now have permission and most importantly access to speak with someone over time. This is extremely important because unless you sell a one off product, chances are your customer and customer relationships are something you build over time and having access is the key component success.