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What should I post on Facebook?

on Fri, 10/14/2011 - 17:32

These days many marketers realize that Facebook marketing is important.  What they do not know is how to use it.  Often times a company new to social media will come out "swinging" so to speak.  In the Facebook world, you build your following and brand by being consistent and serving your audience. 

If you are a Pizza company for instance, you may promote your products and location but also need to provide messages which are valuable to your community.  For instance congratulate a local sports team or help run a fundraiser for a local cause.  Lastly do not over-communicate.  How often you publish varies but in general one to two times per week is acceptable. 

If you have a hyper-focused community or event such as say "The Topsfield Fair" in Massachusetts, it is ok to post a few times a day during the one week of your big event.  It is all relative but first and foremost, respect your audience and provide valuable content.  That is, content that is valuable to the audience not the business.